One Heritage is a 55 storey residential development that will be the tallest in Salford and will include one, two and three bedroom apartments, as well as commercial space and major public realm improvements including a scenic river walkway.

The plan layout of the development is generated by the existing street pattern, the Greengate Regeneration strategy and the desire to reinstate lost street frontages along Greengate and New Bridge Street. A further strong driver is the creation of a new public route across the site

The river frontage is also reinforced by establishing a new route that links the river front to Greengate and helps to satisfy Salford City Council’s vision for the creation of a safe and attractive river walk connecting Salford with Manchester City Centre.

The two forms, the tower and the lower block perform different functions and they are designed to be read in different ways; the elegant 55 storey triangular shaped tower acts as a beacon, signifying the area and providing long distance views; the lower block creates a street frontage which engages with its immediate surroundings and provides human scale at street level.

One Heritage Tower will not only regenerate the existing site and deliver much needed housing, but has also been designed to complement Salford City Council’s wider plans for Greengate.

Construction is due to commence in 2020.