OMI Architects


AJ Retrofit Award Shortlist


We are excited to announce that Band on the Wall has been shortlisted for a 2023 Architects Journal Retrofit Award.

The Awards recognise and celebrate the design expertise behind the vital renewal and repurposing of existing buildings.

The project has increased the iconic music venue’s capacity from 340 to 520 by extending into the neighbouring derelict ‘Cocozza Wood’ building. There is now an entire floor dedicated to Band on the Wall’s innovative learning programme, World of Music, and a new bar has a new stage for smaller capacity performances of up to 80 people.

Despite the challenges posed by three separate 19th century buildings and numerous changes in floor level, unassisted level access and circulation has been achieved in public and private artist and education spaces whilst honouring the character of the three historic building plots.

Externally, the incorporation of large format digital screens with artist designed content, signpost the change within and showcase the history and inner day to day workings of the venue.